Not sure if OPO can help? Call us, you may be surprised!

Are you concerned about a federal contract but not sure whether you’re ready to file a complaint? Are you wondering if we can do anything about your issue? As an Ombudsman office, we are here to help! Period. So give us a call and let’s discuss how we may be able to help, you might be surprised!

What is the Ombudsman’s Hat?

Picture of an investigator’s hat.

In addition to their legislative mandates, Ombudspersons have an unwritten or inherent duty to help. We refer to this role as the “Ombudsman’s Hat”. Even if we cannot conduct a review of your complaint, we will work to the best of our ability to provide you with assistance, information and options. If you’re unsure about whether our office can help, give one of our procurement experts a call, you may be surprised!

Here are a couple of examples of when we wore the Ombudsman’s Hat:

The contract is on its way. But when?

A supplier, whose contract had expired months ago, was looking for the renewal he was told would be posted shortly. “Shortly” turned into months. The supplier was frustrated with what he perceived as a lack of accountability and caring on the part of the department.

With the contractor’s consent, OPO contacted the department who advised that the renewal in question was still moving forward despite unforeseeable delays, and that the contractor would be advised when to look for the renewal solicitation on

Why isn’t that in the Statement of Work?

A supplier provided services under a contract, as required. However, the outcome was not what the department expected and payment was withheld. With the contractor’s consent, OPO contacted the department to discuss the file. While the outcome of the contract was not what the department had expected, they determined that the work was completed as stipulated in the Statement of Work. Accordingly, the department paid the contractor in full.