Video Transcript: An introduction to OPO services available to suppliers

Let’s talk about contracting with the federal government.

Doing business with the federal government can be extremely beneficial for small and medium sized enterprises.

So there it is, you are motivated and you’ve decided to do it.... And you finally bid on a contract offered by a federal department or agency.

After the evaluation period, the contract is awarded.... But not to you!
Yet, you feel the contract was not properly awarded...

Humm.... What are your options to deal with this situation?

Let's see ...

  • First, you can try to have a discussion with the department...
  • Second, you can consider going to court! $ $ $
  • Or you can simply forget it, chalk it up to experience and move on

Well, not anymore... because another option is available to you!

The Office of the Procurement Ombudsman

The Office of what??? ... you say.

The Office of the Procurement Ombudsman or OPO for short!  (slow down a bit)

OPO is a neutral and independent organization, created precisely to help businesses that have contractual issues with the federal government.

OPO can help you:

  • Address a contracting problem by reviewing your complaint about the award or administration of a contract
  • Help you re-establish a positive and productive dialogue with a government department
  • And it can even help resolve a contract dispute, thanks to its dispute resolution services.

Is this the one solution you didn’t think of?

Now GO! Don’t waste anymore time moping or questioning yourself… There is now another option offered to you!

OK now, let’s summarize:

  • If you have an issue regarding a federal contract, you should consult the Office of the Procurement Ombudsman!

A team of professionals who can listen and help you!
Is this not something you should do?

Well Yes, of course it is!
Even more so because OPO services are free of charge!!!

So no more hesitation!

For any issues relating a federal contract – Call the Office of the Procurement Ombudsman

We’re Here to help!

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