Video Transcript: An Introduction to OPO’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

Disagreements about what a contract says have occurred since humans first started trading.

Back then, the way to resolve a dispute was not very sophisticated.

Today, a contract dispute can be a bit more complicated:

  • Lines of communication fall apart causing the business relationship to deteriorate, this often leads to delays which run the project over time and over budget.
  • The bickering wastes valuable time and money and could lead to a long, costly legal process.

Not what either side bargained for!
This is where OPO, The Office of the Procurement Ombudsman, can help.

OPO is a neutral and independent office with a successful track-record of helping to resolve contract disputes between federal departments and their suppliers, in particular small businesses.

So how does OPO’s dispute resolution service work?

When a dispute arises over the terms and conditions of an existing contract, either party to the contract can request OPO’s service. OPO jumps into action once all parties agree to participate.

OPO provides a certified and experienced mediator who handles the logistics and facilitates the mediation session.

The session is managed so as to allow both parties to express their views in a non-confrontational setting.

OPO’s tried and tested approach is designed to help resolve contract disputes quickly while allowing the parties to retain control over the final outcome.

This means the parties can agree to a legally binding settlement and get back to business.

In short, OPO’s no-fee service is quick and easy. And it can even help restore your business relationship so that you can get back to the original intent of the contract!

To take advantage of this no-fee service, contact OPO at 1-866-734-5169, or through the “Request Dispute Resolution Services” link at

It’s as easy as that!  The Office of the Procurement Ombudsman… We’re here to help!

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