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The Office of the Procurement Ombudsman (OPO) relies heavily on the thoughts, concerns, issues and feedback of suppliers on their experience of doing, or trying to do, business with the federal government.

This information helps us determine topics for our Procurement Practice Reviews. These reviews allow us to examine the procurement practices of federal organizations and to make recommendations to strengthen the fairness, openness and transparency of the federal procurement system.

We also use our Annual Report to bring the feedback we receive from suppliers to the attention of Canada’s decision-makers. Our ability to highlight supplier issues in the Annual Report and to ensure our Procurement Practice Reviews examine issues that are relevant to suppliers are dependent on obtaining feedback from suppliers like you.

Have we convinced you about the importance of your thoughts and feedback?

So, what does OPO do to obtain your thoughts and feedback?

  • Town halls: We host town halls throughout Canada to educate suppliers about the Office’s services. More importantly, OPO representatives provide suppliers with the opportunity to share their experiences regarding contracting with the federal government.
  • Online town halls: Can’t make it to a town hall? No worries. You can join one of our online town halls from the convenience of your workplace or home.
  • Kiosks: OPO representatives tend kiosks at a variety of tradeshows, conferences, and exhibitions to meet with you directly and hear your thoughts, concerns, issues, and feedback on federal contracting.

Interested in attending a town hall or speaking face-to-face with OPO representatives? See our Events Calendar for a list of upcoming events.

Can’t make it to one of our events? Don’t let that stop you:

We want to give suppliers like you a variety of options to share your thoughts on federal contracting. This will help us in achieving our mission of promoting fairness, openness and transparency in the Canadian federal procurement system.

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