Procurement practice reviews—What to expect

What federal organizations can expect from the Office of the Procurement Ombudsman (OPO) in the course of a procurement practice review

What is a procurement practice review?

A procurement practice review is an independent and objective examination of procurement practices within one or more federal organizations. OPO assesses the fairness, openness and transparency of the practices under review and makes recommendations, as appropriate, to improve them.

In the course of a review, OPO reviews and analyzes records including, but not limited to, departmental policies, guidelines and files.

OPO selects federal organizations and review topics through a strategic planning process that considers the issues raised most frequently by members of the supplier and federal government communities.

What can a federal organization subject to a review expect?

OPO will:

  • inform the deputy head of the federal organization that a review has been launched;
  • provide the Terms of Reference and timelines for the review;
  • request relevant records;
  • share the draft report, including any applicable recommendations, and request comments and a management response and action plan;
  • provide a copy of the final report to the deputy head of the federal organization and the Minister of Public Services and Procurement; within one calendar year of the date the review is launched; and
  • publish the report, in its entirety, including the management response and action plan, on the OPO website.

The federal organization:

  • identifies a representative who is responsible for coordinating meetings and responding to requests for information between OPO and organizational staff;
  • provides all requested records and access to organizational staff;
  • provides comments on the draft report and prepares a management response and action plan;
  • returns all copies of draft reports to OPO or disposes of all copies of draft reports in accordance with Government of Canada security and information management policies.


Two calendar years after the review report is published, OPO performs a follow-up exercise to assess the progress made by the federal organization(s) in response to the recommendations. A copy of the follow-up report is provided to the deputy head of the federal organization(s) and the Minister of Public Services and Procurement. The follow-up report is also published, in its entirety, on the OPO website.

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